Internet Service & Support

Providing software development and content delivery services and consulting on testing, automation, monitoring, maintenance, and software enhancement over time.

iconDevelopment support & supervision
Enhancing software development automation, reliability, and maintainability over time. Optimizing processes and quality assurance.
iconWeb design & content management
Providing content management and website maintenance and enhancement over time. Delivering custom solutions with one-click administration.
iconMethodology training & guidance
Lecturing and providing support with software development automation methodology for management and developers.
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Maximizing web performance & usability

Get periodic reports on content changes, performance, accessibility, SEO, and other metrics. Get the best out of your website by boosting up its performance and overall usability. Let us analyze reports and advise your further steps.


Website development & maintenance

Have your website or e-shop under professional maintenance to keep it updated and enhanced over time. Let us supervise your current web project or deliver a custom solution. Manage your data in Sheets and use one-click administration.


Manage assignments like a pro!

Automate assignment distribution, collection, and evaluation based on industry standards. Check for plagiarism and provide your students with fair classification in real time!

  • iCollective evaluation at and to any point in history.
  • iOne-click syncing instead of email attachments.
  • iSource-available and installable on your infrastructure.
  • iAssignment updates, change history, plagiarism check.
  • iiRead more about AMS


Software development automation

Providing training for management and developers in software development automation. Let us support and supervise your transition to a complex branching methodology. Maximize the level of development automation minimizing human factors.

  • iPrevent human factor errors
  • iIntegrated versioning and changelog
  • iUp to five staging environments
  • iConceptual quality assurance and deployment
  • iiTechnical Presentation

Uniform Computer Environment

Feel like home working on all your computers! Keeping uniform computer environment configuration for office and developer use. Taking care of updates and further support of the operating system.

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iconPaulo Petrzela
Technical Support & Development
ipaulo at internetguru dot io
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iconLukas Barinka
Business Analyst
ilukas at internetguru dot io
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iconGeorge Pavelka
Project Management & Consulting
i+1 (305) 487-0703
igeorge at internetguru dot io
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