Manage Assignments Effectively

Automate assignment distribution, collection, and evaluation based on industry standards. Check for plagiarism and provide your students with fair classification in real-time!

iEfficiency for instructors
Automate assignment distribution and collective evaluation at and to any point in history. See each solution progress in time and check on plagiarism to provide fair and efficient grading!
iReal experience for students
Get real-time evaluation both locally and real-time feedback upon submission at any point in time. Use any editor and one-click syncing instead of email attachments and gain real developer experience!
iIndependence for institutions
Support students with disabilities and prevent lawsuits using high accessibility ADA compliant system. Prevent vendor lock-in by using source-available software installable on your servers!

iExpress your needs in our full-feature survey!

Jeff S.Jeff S.CS Faculty
Gaining a real developer experience alone is a reason to introduce the system into education. It brings a competitive advantage for students and thus for the university.
George P.George P.Author
Meeting all legal requirements, especially ADA, is a big step closer to students with disabilities.
Abdullah A.Abdullah A.CS Student/TA
It’s so much easier like this. Students don't have to worry about submitting or anything around. They know if they’re passing! It’s also more real world.
Lukas B.Lukas B.CS instructor
This solves our daily problems between students and instructors. Lets us focus on education instead of dealing with technicalities. Makes our lives easier.
Marta P.Marta P.Math student/TA
Very convenient to know you can just close the browser and let go after seeing passing tests – not having to cope with downloading, emailing, or uploading to various places.
Tomas K.Tomas K.Senior developer
Great system! You work with standard tools and concepts commonly used in industry and not with some proprietary BS they made us work with at school.
Neel T.Neel T.CS student
Bringing unified and universal assignment management across courses is a big relief. Lack of coherence and integration leads to inefficiency.
Hector J.Hector J.M.CS Faculty
Tracing individual solutions' progress and checking for plagiarism helps to reveal problems and support students before it's too late.
Melanie M.Melanie M.Biology student
Why don't we have it already? Some of the current problems could ruin my GPA.
Miya H.Miya H.Software manager
If you miss anything, you can simply revert or start over. Wish we had that during my studies.

How It Works

The system introduces four basic operations: distribute, evaluate, collect and measure. For full documentation and configuration options, see the GitHub repository.

Distribute & Update
Distribute & Update
One-click to distribute an assignment among solvers. Same click whenever the assignment gets updated.
Solve & Evaluate
Solve & Evaluate
Evaluate the compilation, coding style, and automatic tests anytime on-demand, locally, or upon submission.
Collect & Grade
Collect & Grade
Download and evaluate all solutions collectively in one click. Export grading into your system.
Measure & Visualize
Measure & Visualize
Measure similarities between all solutions including the original solution, visualize into graphs.


Fees help us to keep the software sustainable. We take care of proper documentation, changelog, and semantic versioning. Keeping the software reliable and compatible over time.

iAs a product
FREE unlimited personal use (download).
According to the licensing.
$600 monthly for commercial use.
iGet a license
iAs a service
$4 monthly per account.
Includes unlimited CI runtime minutes.
Includes free training for instructors.
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iEnterprise SLA
Integration, maintenance, and support.
Tailored software evolvement.
Assignment transformation and redesign.
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Comparison with GitHub Classroom

In comparison with GitHub Classroom, both systems provide real developer experience. There are differences in pricing policy and lots of conceptual benefits as follows.

  • iSource-available software that can be developed by any third party.
  • iSource codes are not available.
  • iStudent repositories with assignments are created automatically.
  • iStudents must download (accept) their assignments manually.
  • iAssignment updates are distributed automatically.
  • iStudents must notice and download assignment updates manually.
  • iIntegrated plagiarism check with interactive results and visualization diagrams.
  • iSoftware similarity check is not supported.
  • iFull control over solutions as repositories are owned by instructors.
  • iNo control over solutions as repositories are owned by students.
  • iCan be deployed on third-party servers or used as a service.
  • iOnly available as a proprietary service.
  • iStudent data (solutions) can be stored on third-party servers.
  • iData are stored exclusively on GitHub servers.
  • iUnlimited early/late submission with collective evaluation to a given point in history.
  • iEvaluations are available only upon students' requests.
  • iProvide instruction in a form of technical issues.
  • iInstructions via issues are not supported.
  • iUnlimited CI minutes.
  • iLimited CI minutes both for both student accounts and instructors.
  • iInherent relation between an assignment and its reference (working) project.
  • iNo relation between an assignment and its reference (working) project.
  • iMultiple alternative (slightly modified) assignments per semester or class.
  • iNo support for alternative assignments per semester or class.
  • iTo create an assignment, simply add an import URL into an existing project.
  • iNew assignments must be added and configured in a GitHub UI and set as a template project.
  • iExisting tests are applied and evaluated automatically.
  • iTests need to be specified in GitHub UI environment including the setup and run commands (technical).
  • iMultiple environments such as GitHub or GitLab including your GitLab instance.
  • iRuns exclusively in the GitHub environment.
  • iAdditional (hidden) tests to prevent trivial solutions.
  • iNo additional (hidden) tests available.
  • iMakes sure only designated files have been modified.
  • iNo integrated file protection.