Laser cutting calculator

Analyze DXF files and calculate the estimate from your website instantly!

iGet an instant estimate
Upload the model, select material and get instant price estimate!
iIntegrate into your website
Integrate the calculator directly into an order form on your website!
iEasy setup and maintenance
Simply set as many materials as you want with cut prices and other limits.

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Top Features and Benefits

Check out the features of the system and provided services.

Compute manufacturing price
The price is computed based on model parameters and selected material using a custom algorithm.
Parse model parameters
Uploaded models are parsed for parameters such as the amount of sparks and total cut length.
Multiple materials and own limits
Various cutting prices and other parameters per material are used as well as your cutter limitations.
Frontend and API
A simple web form is available to be used directly. Either web UI or API can be integrated into your website.
Custom price algorithm
The default algorithm for price calculation can be customized according to your needs.
Model validation
The uploaded model is verified on continuous segments, dimensions, supported entities, etc.
Website plugin
Easy integration of an interactive price calculation into your website.

Plans and upgrades

All plans are free for the first month! Upgrade your current plan anytime.

Best to begin with…
Try out Basic
$9.99 per month,
billed annually or $11.99 month-to-month.
iSimple models
iUp to 100 estimates
iUp to 10 materials and sizes
iWeb UI
Enhanced performance…
Try out Business
$19.99 per month,
billed annually or $22.99 month-to-month.
iAdvanced models
iUp to 1,000 estimates
iUp to 100 materials and sizes
iOwn styles
iServer API
Maximum performance!
Try out Enterprise
$39.99 per month,
billed annually or $44.99 month-to-month.
iExtreme models
iUp to 10,000 estimates
iUp to 1,000 materials and sizes
iOwn template
iMultiple server API