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We provide top-rated websites for end customers and for website delivery companies. We constantly maintain our websites, upgrade them and enhance over time.

iconWebsites that never get old
For end customers we deliver top-rated websites and take care of them over time.
iconTechnology and education
We provide web technologies and support to IT companies for their clients.
iconBusiness support and expertise
We offer independent consulting and evaluations of web applications in general.
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Taking Care

We take care of your website regarding content, technology and design. With our care your website never gets old.

Lighthouse analyzer
Lighthouse analyzer
iconManage your content easily
Use one click administration or tell us by e-mail or phone. We make sure your content is readable and professional.
iconCatch up with technology and design trends
Adding new features and modernizing your web design is our daily routine. There is always what to improve.
iconStay in touch with your audience
We deliver regular reports on conversions, social media marketing & reputation management and suggest further steps.

Delivering Technology

For IT companies we deliver website management system as a service. Thus helping to minimize technology cost.

iconTake advantage of the power
Websites are top-rated in performance, progressive web app, best practices, accessibility and SEO. See Lighthouse analyzer from Google.
iconPay monthly or use free plan
Our pricing includes free plan with absolutely no limitations. No maintenance, no pay.
iconFocus on the content and design
Maintain the system solely using UI, FTP or GitHub! Import content from Word or Google document. Sounds unreal?

Web Consulting

For self-sustaining companies with their own IT department or external vendor, we provide supervision and education. Our goal is to support and achieve win-win scenario regarding websites and services over time.

iconWeb Accessibility and Usability Expertise

Making sure your company produces high accessible and usable user interface. Considering content, accessibility and usability regarding widely accepted standards or end-user satisfaction. This works for companies with their own development team.

iconWeb Training and Certifications

Helping companies to educate their IT teams in web-related areas and software development. Weather you decide to manage your website content or even build your own website or application, we provide you required know-how.

  • User-Centered Design—HCI, UX, UI, User / Expert Testing
  • Information Architecture—Classification, Labeling, Navigation, Search
  • Web Technologies Concepts—HTML, CSS
  • Web Accessibility Principles—WCAG 2.0
  • Usability—Best Practices, Bad Habits
  • Software Development Automation (aka Conceptual Git Branching)

iconBusiness Relationship Management

Helping companies with outsourcing software products. Main goal is to set, deliver and preserve software products' qualities and costs, to ensure business continuity and continuous improvement over time.

  • Setting up projects' qualities, metrics, and business integrity.
  • Enforcing processes in automation, scalability, and standards.
  • Presenting, training, mentoring, and edge-case problem solving.
  • Analyzing, evaluating, reporting, taking actions (PDCA).

Let’s Meet

Providing software and consulting we can do most of our work remotely. To process cooperation or acquaintances personally we are available in Miami, Florida and Prague, Czechia. We are opened to travel.

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